Recommendations for in-car bike rack?

Does anyone have a suggestion for carrying multiple bikes inside a car? I have a Prius V, and I’m not looking to put a roof rack on top, but would like something I could use inside the car to carry two bikes.

I’m not sure if this would work in a Prius, but it works in my van. I just mounted a front fork clamp to a 2x6. I cut the 2x6 to the width of the inside of the van. Super cheap and easy.

@jwalstad how do you keep the 2’x6’ from sliding around?

I do the same thing in the back of my 4runner, and use truck ties to strap the board to D rings that are on the back of the folded down seats for cargo netting.

I don’t do anything. The weight of the 2x6 and the bike, plus the friction of the carpet are enough to keep it from moving around under normal driving.

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