Reactive hypoglycaemia

So for example i had 70g (dry) rice, with some eggs and tuna around 40p 20f and tomatoes + 1 banana. Measured my glucose walking out the door to ride and it was 3.9…

Also might be in a deficit and around 7% BF which might not be helping my situation.

I bet I found your problem. 70g dry rice is 20g carbs. + 1 banana might put you at 40-45g carbs.

Recommendation: Double your carb intake.

Rationale: You’re probably carb-sensitive enough that that hits your blood stream and is out of it by the time you start training, and certainly within a few minutes of training start once epinephrine hits the blood.

Carb intake was roughly 80g of carbs. 70g dry weight rice is 55g C

Interesting halving my intake to 40/50g doesn’t give the same problem.

My mistake. Google pulled one over on me. I googled 70g dry rice nutrition and it provided cooked, rather than raw, and I completely failed to verify.

As you can tell, I never weigh anything. Always just use measuring cups and eyeball :slight_smile:

I’d still increase your carb intake amount. I suspect that with the carbs coming from white rice and banana, it’s just in and out of your system too fast, even with the 20g fat in the meal to slow it down. Egg protein is one of the more rapidly digested proteins too. All that taken together (rapid protein + rapid carbs) and you’ll have a pretty big insulin response. Protein upregulates insulin production, too, fyi. This would expedite carb storage in muscle and liver. Going to either need more fiber and fat with the meal, or more carbs, or both, to get it to last longer in your bloodstream.

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hmmm this must be me. I can eat a big bowl of cereal anywhere from 90-15 mins before a ride and never feel the effects. Sometimes i’ll even slam a bag of swedish fish at my desk before I head down to change and get dressed for the commute home which takes roughly 30 mins to be rolling.

Sitting about 14% BF currently and about 10lbs over ideal racing weight. Been doing TRE for about 4 years now, do you think that would affect insulin sensitivity?

You may be right. You may also be doing other things that are alleviating risk of hypoglycemic response. If you warm up slowly, start fueling the ride very early in the ride, and don’t have any spikes in power (thus not spiking epinephrine release) you can stave off hypoglycemia if you’re not especially prone to it.

Yes, being higher body fat percentage than normal for you, and having recently gained weight up to that percentage (as opposed to less recently gaining the weight) will probably contribute to reduction in hypoglycemia incidence and intensity.

Color me naïve, but what is TRE? Sounds like TRT, ie. testosterone replacement therapy.

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Time restricted eating, or intermittent fasting. Basically just skip breakfast and don’t each lunch until after noon. Since I ride easy to work just one less thing to worry about and I don’t get hungry in the mornings any more and can just work through till the afternoon

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Oh! No, probably no chronic effect of time-restricted eating (TRE) approach on insulin sensitivity unless TRE is facilitating adherence to lower kcal consumption. Outside of kcal balance changes, no likely effect.

The same can be said for the “eat X meals a day” or the “constant grazing” approach.

None affect insulin sensitivity, body composition, or weight, when kcal’s & macronutrient composition are balanced between the approaches.

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This makes so much sense. I’ve had to switch my post-ride meal if riding in the morning to mainly protein and fat so i can focus on work in the afternoon and not get the dreaded slum/insulin crash. Then have all the carbs in the evening ready for the next day.

Though weird how half carbs don’t elicit the same response.

Oh the joys of being light and lean, its not all roses!