Rapha bibshorts. Difference between Pro Team Training and Pro Team?

I’m looking at Rapha Pro Team II and Rapha Pro Team Training bibshorts. Other than the radio pockets and some aesthetic differences, it seems like the fabric composition is also different:

Pro Team Training:

  • 74% polyamide
  • 26% elastane

Pro Team II

  • 78% Nylon
  • 22% Elastane

Does anyone here have experience with both who can share how they are different when worn?

I have a pair of PRO Team shorts and MAN! are they awesome! They wear like iron and are super comfortable!

I do not have experience with both pairs. However, I would imagine the training pair is a bit more durable and perhaps heavier (for whatever that’s worth).

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My apologies in advance for not answering your question directly but I thought I’d share my experience and throw a curve ball!

I have a pair of pro team and classic shorts and while comfortable they haven’t got the longevity of my Assos shorts and there’s not a lot to choose between the two pairs despite the price point of each.

As a former Assos fan I strayed and tried various Rapha offerings, non of which can match the technical aspects of Assos products but the cut and look are top drawer but I’m returning to Assos.


I’ve heard really good things about the Assos bibshorts too, thanks for the input. I’d be open to them too, but really just wanted to find out what the difference are between the two bibshorts i mentioned.


Have both. Pro team have tighter fit/compression.
That’s the only difference i can tell wearing them


Pro Team training is the older version of the shorts (version 1). The chamois is not size specific and the leg gripper is a separate elastic band.

Pro Team II is the updated version of the short. It has a size specific chamois and the leg grippers are integrated into the material of the short. I also found the straps have better stretch on the new shorts, and fit better in general.

Personally I found the updated version of the short to be far more comfortable. YMMV.



Not really an answer to your question but I have the Pro team II, classic and brevet shorts. Other than the Pro team being a slightly more of compression fit, all fantastically comfortable and I can’t say I’ve had any issues with wear other than the Brevet shorts where some of the mesh on the straps has started to fray after 3 years.

3 years! that’s a good long time nonetheless.

Thanks for the input this is all very helpful