Ramp test with KK InRide 3 and forgot to enable TR Virtual Power. Is FTP data accurate?

Ramp test went as planned using KK Road Machine with InRide 3. All data displayed as it should, including power. However, I realized I forgot to turn on the VP in TR. Because of this, is my resulting FTP bogus? Should I do the Ramp test again (w/VP properly enabled)?

If all your data displayed, you should be fine. Do you have a power meter on bike? Have you been using Virtual Power the whole time. Normally, once you enable a feature it stays on until disabled. If you have a power meter on you bike, you need to disable VP.

First time using TR. No power meter on bike, just KK Road Machine with KK InRide 3 sensor (speed to power, etc.?). As mentioned, all data displayed fine.

Curious if TR-VP needs to be turned on with new KK InRide 3 and any differences in FTP estimates, or conflicts.

Since you just got an InRide, you do not need to have VP enabled in the app because your InRide is sending power data to TrainerRoad. That said, your FTP should be okay because VP should be automatically disabled when a power meter is paired to TR.


OK, very cool. Thanks.

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I found inRide to be a very close match to my Power Meter, so I’d stick with that over VP for sure. But going by memory doesn’t inRide try to estimate Cadence? If I remember correctly the cadence was about 5-10 revs low unless they fixed that issue.

I had an Inride before I bought a 4iiii power meter. Found they gave pretty similar results upto around 320W. Much higher than that and the Inride started over reading (for me, mybftp is about 275w so v02 max stuff just got much harder!)


The inRide does compute a cadence, and in my experience it’s both noisy and 5-10 rpm below the actual value.


Agree, my experience as well.

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Did you happen to do a spin down calibration test within TR around the 10 minute mark? You’ll need to do this with the InRide to get accurate power numbers. As the fluid warms, the resistance changes. The spindown test accounts for this.

I use an InRide sensor and am happy with it. The spindown test is a must before starting the workout and again around the 10 minute mark.

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Agree with above. Calibration after 10 mins is v important and cadence was useless in my experience.

Ditto, I use a Wahoo Blue SC and only set up the cadence magnet so the inride takes care of the speed/power but I have a more accurate cadence now.

I usually calibrate after warm up which is far less than 10 minutes. No I am curious how much it will change.
Tomorrow I will do my regular set up and perform three individual spin downs to take an average spin down time.
Then after 10 minutes of training I will recalibrate again with three spin downs and repeat the process once more after the workout is complete.
I have an infrared thermometer as well so I can even add in the difference in
the temperature of the resistance unit while I’m at it.