Ramp test - high result

Hi there,

Apologies if this is a repeat of another topic

I’m currently in the middle of a sustained power build phase and completed the ramp test mid way through the program as scheduled.

My ramp test at the start of the powerbuild phase (4 weeks ago) tested at 203w which I thought was low but stuck with anyway as I’m on a dumb trainer with no PM. I figured it’s just a line in the sand to measure against.
The workouts over the past few weeks have been tough, one to the point I almost couldn’t finish.

Tonight I completed the ramp test and recorded 265w (same setup, same settings on trainer).
The increase seems like far too much and I doubt I will make it through the next workout. So is it possible to test high?? Should I disregard it or see how I go and just adjust back as required?

Cheers in advance

I’d give this new FTP a try for the first week, you may surprise yourself. Then evaluate if it’s sustainable. Here’s my experience:



I’ve just experienced everything you mentioned above.

I struggled through the first week only to be failing workouts the second week and blaming it on poor sleep, nutrition etc etc.

I’ve decided to somewhat disregard the ramp test and reduce ftp to where I think I am at based on how much I had to reduce intensity on workouts over the last 10 days.

I’ll reassess when the next ramp test comes around and go from there.