Ramp test FTP Vs eFTP

So this past 4 months have been an introduction to structured training, and I’ve learned a lot about myself as a cyclist from the forum.

Initially after starting the program, I said thresholds were too hard.

After understanding the program and myself more, I think my anaerobic contributions have inflated my FTP. I primarily race DH, and do a lot of van assisted laps. Thus, I have a lot of training similar to V02/anaerobic/sprint intervals. I’ve done very little in the form of base, sustained or threshold training in the past 4 years.

Recently I’ve been confined to the trainer due to injury and I’ve been doing a lot more, including sustained hard efforts during zwift races.

My ai FTP was 211 and I had stuff left in the tank after attempting this on the ramp test. My intervals.icu eFTP is 195, and my threshold efforts felt more realistic at this level. This, I did an 8 minute FTP and 20 minute FTP test, which put me at 195 and 191 respectively.

How have others managed things who are in a similar position? My plan is to use the lower FTP for sweet Spot and threshold, then turn off ERG for V02 max intervals as I find I can hammer these out at a much higher intensity, at least for the shorter intervals.

I’m due surgery on 21st July, so I will be off the bike for a month too.


200 is a nice round number. I’d stick your FTP there for the warm, fuzzy feeling and do your threshold work at 195.

Hard agree with your “resistance mode and hammer” approach for supra-threshold work.


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I just use AI ftp detection and let progression levels/adaptive training handle the rest.


Yes intervals.icu eftp is just based on maximum efforts between iirc 5-30 minutes, aiftp does something much more complex and can estimates your ftp based on submaximal efforts (my current aiftp is 270 and my eftp is 234, no way I could do threshold at 270 right now but it is good for my z2, 234 would way underestimate my z2)

Hmmm. I thought there was a broad consensus that aiftp gave good estimates of ftp?

Why do you think it’s off for you?

Bot I just confirmed it was more accurate than eftp😕

Sure, but if you can’t ride threshold at it it’s still not a particularly good estimate, right?

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I haven trained that in a while, my current threshold PL is 1.1

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You’d be fine. 3 × 10. No problem. :blush:

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