Ramp test day before first Everest attempt. Bad idea?

Not going to get chance to do a ramp test earlier and was hoping to get an up to date FTP before doing the Everesting but the only chance I’ll get is the day before…

Is this going to cause enough stress to my body to consider not doing it?


Not sure any of us can answer that for you. Take a look back at your recent history of Ramps, and consider how you felt the following day. Typical plan progression adds a short and easy Endurance ride the day after a Ramp. If you have done something more in the past (or even with that default) how did it feel?

Like so much of this, it is highly individual. Some people respond well to an effort the day before, hence why Openers are a thing. For others, a hard effort just takes away from the pending work the following day. Think about any other instances where you may have had a short, but strenuous effort followed by something major the next day, and take your best guess.

As a passive viewer of Everesting, the approach seems to be start slower than you think you should and you will just slow down from there :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda joking, but kinda not.

Even if you had a test at a more optimal time, I’d be cautious about taking the results for gospel without being very open to adjusting on the fly. Hard to know what you will really have in your hands on the day.

My point being that unless you think you are WAY off from your current FTP (consider the workouts in the prior couple of weeks and how those went), and you may be able to take a reasonable guess at your current state.


Chad makes good points above - especially that much of this is highly individual.
How confident in your fitness for the Everest are you? Have you done an Everest before? How long do you expect your Everest to take? What is more important to you - completing the Everest or setting a good ramp test number? Given the fatigue and recovery required from an Everest, you may not really want to set your post Everest training based on a ‘new PR’ ramp test anyway.
How mentally taxing is a ramp test for you? You’re most likely going to have to dig deep mentally during the Everest the next day, will you be mentally ready? Will the ramp test the day before get in your head during the Everest?
I don’t have the answer for you, but maybe some of these questions will help you decide what is important to you, and what you think will work for you.

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Yes, but only because Everesting is a bad idea. :laughing::wink::face_vomiting:

I would want to go into that day as fresh as possible. Ramp test isn’t too depleting so I don’t think it’s be that big of a difference, but by hour 12 you might have a different opinion!


Ramp tests dont really phase me much. Id give it a go. If your prepared for an E, the test isnt gonna impact you

I have actually done this same exact thing lol. I did a ramp test with carrillon after. Felt good as an everest is just a really long boring effort. The ramp test actually is a good opener as it is high intensity and short, makes my legs feel pretty good the day after. Just make sure you are super well fueled pre, during, and after your test as you will need as much as possible the next day.

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I’m not sure a ramp test is going to give you that much useful information, tbh, so I wouldn’t bother.

  1. It is difficult accurately to extrapolate any steady state max power longer than 2-3 hours based solely on FTP
  2. The idea of extrapolating a steady state max from a ramp test is fraught anyway, IMO - hence all the ramp test threads
  3. An Everest is - presumably, if you’re using a steep hill - effectively a whole day set of intervals anyway, so not a steady state effort.

Yes, you could maybe draw some conclusions about what power you should be putting down on the hill, but as others have said, it’s pretty hard to start an Everest too slow, unless you’re Phil Gaimon. My bet is that by 10 hours in, not many people will be looking at the power meter.


I think the biggest question here is…why? With an everest attempt, I can only assume this is your primary focus. So focus on it. Put everything aside. Ramp tests require focus as well, executing as well as afterwards in some analysis/thinking. Don’t overlap the focus here. Just Everest.


For me, I’m not sure what the test will achieve. If you have a belter, are you going to adjust your everesting riding level to what you achieved from one test or stick with what you’ve been able to maintain over the previous weeks?
I’d also guess you’re going to have a good bit of down time after the everesting. Probably more beneficial to test after that.

Having everested, I’d advise against it. The Ramp Test is taxing- maybe not so much that you’ll notice in common training scenarios, but everesting will push you way, way, WAY beyond the norm. You’re going to want every advantage you can have, and to stress yourself with an absolutely maximal effort the day before just sounds like inviting an unnecessary source of fatigue. I’d vote do the everesting, let yourself recover fully (it took me well over a week) then do your ramp test.


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