Ramp test and ftp [Zwift]

So can anyone please tell me that i have recently did my ramp test on erg mode and than after some time at 300 watts I can’t even pedal because everytime after 300 watts my roller become so hard that i can’t even pedal like even on stroke so please can any tell me why it is happening and i always see people doing ramp test and going a bit easy on 300 watts so why there smart trainer is not going hard why? And i have recently got to know about spiral of death but why it is happening with me everytime at 300 watts why not more than that? is there anything that you have to continue apply force on pedal than only it will work but if thats the case than also i am applying power to pedal after 300 watts but my trainer won’t make be do it because it gets so hard like you can’t even pedal so what the solution for this in ftp or ramp test please reply if anyone knows

Have you calibrated your trainer?

Yes i have already through wahoo app but i can’t see the calibration in zwift but i Guess what’s not the issue

Are you doing the ramp test in TR or zwift? If it’s in TR shoot support an email and they will look at the ride and maybe be able to suggest something.
Each step on a ramp test shouldn’t be suddenly so hard you can’t pedal. What’s the step before 300 and are you managing to pedal through that?

I am doing ramp test in zwift so after very one minute the watts increase by twenty so after some time as i reach 300 watts suddenly my pedals gets so hard that i can’t even pedal and i searched about it and its called spiral of death but my question is why it is happening to me how to stop it? Some people says it is because of erg mode that in erg mode you have to continue pedaling and attack a bit when the watts increase so you want went to spiral of death so i will try it tomorrow so i am asking people is this is right what i am telling?

Never done the test on Zwift so can’t comment. Maybe it’s just the highest you can go?

On TR done it quite a few times and i just pedal through each step until i can’t pedal any more.

With all due respect maybe you should be asking on a zwift forum?

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Is your cadence dropping when the resistance increases? And what is your cadence? Lower will make it harder when the resistance increases. Also running a harder gear might help, will increase the “speed” of the turbo trainer and makes erg a bit slower to respond due to a higher flywheel momentum.


Will i guess i need to keep cadence more than 80 or 85 and i Guess when the transition happens to higher watts than i need to just attack a bit for 5 sec than i Guess the trainer will not go to spiral of death because in erg mode when your cadence drops than you can’t back it up again at that watts that called spiral of death so i will try that tomorrow… and you saying about higher gear. So that will also be difficult because people were saying that keep on a larger chain ring front and keep the back gear ratio at medium level that will be good… And other point what you were saying increase the speed of torbo trainers means? Please explain me again i didn’t get it?

Running a larger gear increases the flywheel speed and in my experience, while it slows down the responsiveness of erg a hair, it makes adjusting to increases in resistance easier.

See this as well for some more info on gear selection:

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Okay thanks for the information so can you please me so that i can try so. i have seen this video so there is one thing which I didn’t get what is the guy in a video is saying in the end that chnage it to faster flywh gear so what is he saying that bigger chain ring in front and larger gear in front means 11? The highest gear you mean? 11 or 12?

Please reply and let me know

Power output is a function of force applied to the pedal on each down stroke and your cadence.

Erg mode works to maintain constant power.

If your cadence drops, this means the trainer will increase resistance so that you have to put out more force, to maintain a constant power.

The death spiral you get in erg mode happens because of this. If your cadence drops too much, you have to apply more force to the pedals to keep going… and you can’t.

I aim for a cadence of 100rpm for a ramp in erg mode. As I get tired it starts to drop. Once it’s below about 90 I know I don’t have long left.

So you avoid this by maintaining a high cadence.

However, what you are describing is also what happens when you’ve reached your max on a ramp test done in erg mode.

So the reason it feels hard may also be… that you’ve reached as far as you can go.

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Not really sure what your asking? Bigger gearing = faster flywheel speed. The exact gears are dependent on your personal setup.

Yes that’s why i will try to keep my Cadence more than 85 this time i guess the spiral of death is happening to me is because my Cadence was low and thats why at higher power trainer was keeps on adding power because of my low cadence.

Call over one of your friend who can easily produce 330-350W. Ask him, to roll on your trainer about a half hour with high power (alternate between 250 - 320) and you can check if the roller is working bad.