Race Reports: Fast or slow? How did it go?

Racing is exciting, painful, fun, gruelling, addictive, you name it! So why not share our experiences?! Reflecting on your races is an amazing way to learn from them and hopefully improve yourself for future events. Sharing this reflection allows other people to maybe learn from them as well!

Below you will find an example report and the empty format to use for your own race report. The format is a guideline to keep a bit of structure in our posts, if you have other information you would like to add to your report please do so!

(With the forum being brand new there isn’t yet a place for race reports, which I think would be a great and inevitable addition to the forum. Maybe this topic will function as a general race reports place or maybe someone will find a better solution. In the latter case this topic is just a start to that. Hopefully we, both users and mods, can get to the best implementation for this together. As of right now this post is a work in progress.)

Example report:

Date: 2018-09-30 (Date of the race, please use YYYY-MM-DD format)
Discipline/Type of race: XCO (Road race, citerium, XCO, Ironman, …)
Duration/Length: 60 minutes (What is the race duration or distance?)
Finish time: NA (For some races your finish time is a relevant point, e.g. Ironman races)

Preparation: Training has been winding down with the end of the season. I decided to attend this race as I knew from last year that the course is a heck of a lot of fun, consisting of to my estimate about 90% corners and berms. If I had a goal it would have been to have fun and to actually race against a few people instead of just racing myself. After doing course reckon with my friend who was racing the same class we foolishly chatted to some other people for a bit too long so when we got to the starting area to do our actual warm-up the grid formation was already just about to start. (What happened in training leading up to the race and the hours before the race?)

Race: This being a Belgian competition instead of Dutch our starting positions were right at the back without any points behind our name. The start was a bit messy as the first corner had a tree right in the middle, giving you the option of going on the inside where most people wanted to go or to go wide with way more space. I was forced to go wide ending up just in the wheel of my friend who is quite a bit faster than me. The first quarter to half of the lap I managed to follow him but once we started overtaking people I couldn’t keep up any longer. I continued at a more manageable pace but this wasn’t so great for my positioning.
The second lap I started to get a headache and the ol’ back issues came in, I mostly attribute this to the lack of proper warm-up. Combine this with the fast guys of the class starting a minute behind us coming through. I didn’t want to interfere with their race so let them through where I could, unfortunately costing me quite a bit of time.
The third lap came around and the positions became more stable so I tried to find my own rhythm. The headache slowly cleared and I decided to get out of the saddle more in the corners hoping it would help my back. It certainly did and I really started getting a powerful feeling.
With the fourth and last lap I found myself full on racing. Cornering speed went up on the hundreds!? of corners and I was powering out of each of them. I really got a huge smile on my face once I started catching some guys again actually overtaking them as well. The last half/quarter of the lap was spend trying the catch this guy 15 seconds up the track. Unfortunately I only managed to get it down to about 1 or 2 seconds at the finish line. (The fun stuff, tell us about your race, how did it go, did you try to apply any tactics, what was your experience?)

Post-race: I was really happy finishing this strong. Despite the disappointed of the bad 3 laps I still was smiling :). My body also felt surprisingly well or at least bounced back very quickly. After a bit of a cool-down I could go home feeling accomplished. A hopeful ending to my mild 2018 XCO season. (Tell us a bit about winding down after you crossed the finish line. Lessons learned and things to take away from the race.)

Post format:
Copy the following to fill in for your own report.

**Date:** YYYY-MM-DD
**Discipline/Type of race:**
**Finish time:**



Note: I specifically chose not to include race name, location, and such information in the format as some people don’t like sharing this information. If you do want to include such information in your post you are free to do so but it is NOT REQUIRED.


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