Race Nerves Buzzing

First race of Gravel 2021 for me. Been a while since I cared about going fast and deep. Nerves are buzzing pretty good. Glad I got a great night sleep last night. CBD to the rescue.


Yesterday I pinned on a number for the first time in 651 days.

Go crush it.

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A good feeling (if a bit unsettling!)…Looking forward to hearing how it went.

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Best of luck mate! I just did my first race back after 5 years (funnily enough i have a 5yo boy :wink: ). Dug in for a big attack and stay away at the end! Count me hooked again. Give yourself a bit of time to relax and settle back in, and remember we love this!

i’m the same way. Sometimes my ride file post-race says 0 seconds in zone 1 because my heart rate rises so hard while i’m listening to the countdown.