Looking for a Transition bag that opens up flat

I am looking for a transition bag that opens up flat for packing and then zippers up to become a backpack. Once had a Vincita brand one, but I think they don’t make them anymore. What are my options? Bike helmet should be able to fit in it as well.

I’ve got a Silca Maratona Gear Bag - does exactly what your asking.

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Looks like a really high quality bag, thought the price is a tad bit high too! Any other options?

There was a bag, I still have one or two (mine and one for my wife), called… wait for it… Triathlon Bag. A guy named Dean made it in 2003ish. Does (did) exactly what you want. The website is dead, the Wayback Machine / Internet Archive didn’t save the photos (http://web.archive.org/web/20030811204430/http://www.runnersbag.com/new_products.asp), but the patents are available to view and apparently expired: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20040089683. Click on the image strip to see more images and details, particularly Figures 4, 5, and 6. It wasn’t great for airplane travel but driving to an event, it was fantastic. Mesh, zippered pockets for cycling and running shoes, massive zipped and vented pockets on the exterior to fit a wetsuit, shoulder straps / carry strap / backpack straps, lots of zippered & velcro pockets inside for clothes, nutrition, money/phone storage, etc.

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I use this: https://zone3.com/products/transition-backpack

Works well enough.

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wow this actually looks like exactly what I want lol… also never knew about Wayback Machine. Wonder if anyone picked up/designed anything similar…

Also, what. a. name.

This could also be an option, though it doesn’t exactly open up flat. I like packing into a flat… thing, but thanks nonetheless, it’s now on my shortlist.

Yes, the Triathlon Bag was excellent. Enough space for all your kit, towels, bottles, everything, and the lay-flat format meant quick and easy packing, transition setup / clean-up, and rechecking.