Race Face Cinch Power Meter Support

I have been unable to get a reply from Race Face over the past two months and am looking for some support and advice from you.

I have a Race Face Cinch power meter which I have been using for 3 months now. When first installed I was getting calibrations of -6 (whatever unit this is). Every few days this calibration would drop a point or two until it hit -19. Once there it has held steady at -19.

This calibration value has not changed since hitting -19 through multiple chain ring swaps, 10-35 degrees c, 900-12400 feet in elevation, and calibrations every ride.

The power outputs don’t seem wildly off but I am skeptical that the calibration steadily migrated and then suddenly stopped at one specific value. Is it possible that the Race Face power meter maximum cal level is -19 and it is simply holding steady there? Does this sound normal to you? Am I reading too much into this?

It sounds a lot like something wasn’t quite “tight” and it took a little time to work in. That’s just speculation though. FWIW my Easton Chinch meter reads at -19 as well.

To close out this thread in case it can help someone else down the line:

CALL Race Face if you need support. The number isn’t on their site but you can use 1-800-369-7469 (ext 4801 for Sales, ext. 4700 for Service). The individual I worked with on the phone was helpful; he didn’t have the answer but contacted engineering and got back to me within a few hours.

The calibration range of the Race Face Cinch power meter is ±50. Values within this range are normal. I was told my experience is normal and unless I see massive jumps in calibrations to not fret the initial drop in values I saw.