I Need a Power Meter

What power meter should I get for a Raceface/SRAM XO1 mtb crank? I’m looking for something in the sub$500 range. I’m planning on purchasing a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt to go with it, and will be using it outside on my mtb, while using a smart trainer indoors. Ideally, I’d prefer not to have to purchase an entire crank(set).

I bought the raceface cinch. It’s a little above your range @ $600, but was really easy to install and seems like a good quality product. I did it for the same reasons you did, wanted to use it with my existing crank arms. You do get a new spindle that will replace the old one.

It’s a bit over your budget at $590 but I have a Power2Max spider based power meter on my MTB that has been flawless since. And it is really easy to install.

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Thread with lots of discussion and options:

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