Quick research survey for an English Class

Hi everyone! I am an avid runner and cyclist and spend a lot of time on the road. I’ve had my fair share of injuries in my day, and most stem from running. However most of my running injuries were lower leg injuries. Recently, I have been told that I have to do a research paper for my english class. I am interested to find out who actually has more problems with their knees, runners or cyclists? The obvious answer would be runners because of the high impact, but poor pedaling technique can quickly lead to severe knee pain. If anyone has a few seconds, I have a few questions for you to answer so that I can gather some data to help with my research paper. The questions are simple and short. I would appreciate it if you could find the time to help out! What better place to get information from cyclists than this fantastic group! Hopefully this link works.

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Done! Good luck with the class!

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That was quick, hope you get enough responses to see if there is a big difference

So far so good! My biggest worry is not getting enough pure runners responding. There isn’t a really good forum that is as active as the Trainerroad forum for runners.

I do both and had to pick. Yes to shin splints when running but returned to running after many years of pure cycling. No shin splints this time around.

Did you try Reddit’s r/running. You might want to check their rules to make sure they allow surveys but I bet you would get a lot of responses.


Took your advice and posted it there. Hopefully that will help close the gap between cyclist and runners.