Question regarding Training Plan and FTP

Hey everyone I broke my hip in May of this year and coming back from injury. I normally have a FTP of around 280 3.3 wkg ish. I am currently sitting around 228 and I have just been using train now function and using AI FTP detection. I also do harder group rides outside (normally double the TSS vs my Training efforts). So far my AI detections have been 3-4% gains each new detection. I selected the Fondo training platform to follow 3-4 hours low volume. My event is 4k climbing 50 miles Oct 2024. My questions is if I feel like the training is too easy should I just do a ramp test or stick with AI and do my outside random hard rides with friends and just select alternate harder workouts if I feel like it for faster FTP gains since I’m coming back from injury. Or should I just stick with the plan, ride hard outside with friends. My ultimate goal would be to get back to 280-300 FTP for my ride in Oct of 2024 so I can sit in with friends and enjoy the Fondo more.

Just FYI, after I broke my hip at age 30 in my second-ever masters race (I won the day before, which contributed to the crash), it took me 2 seasons before I felt like I was “back”. No power meters back then, though, plus various life events got in the way of any comeback intentions

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I’m 36 and have a 3 month old so I’m trying to temper expectations. I was thinking since I got to 280 pretty easy for the most part using zwift and doing the FTP booster program with races, I would gain about 10-20 watts every 4 weeks. 280 is where I started to feel a bit of burn out and soft ceiling.