Question on outdoor workouts

I am planning on doing some outdoor workouts now that the weather is finely coming around. I am just curious what you do or should do after the workout portion of the ride is complete? If I have an hour ride on the schedule and I am going to ride longer than that but not sure how long do I just stay in Z2 for the rest of time I am riding after the workout is complete? Can I ride as hard as I want or does that ruin the benefits of the workout I just did? Would it be determined based on the type of workout I just completed? IE VO2, threshold, sweetspot?

I don’t know if its right or wrong but after the cool down at say 50% I just ride at a comfortable pace to get home and dont worry about power; if it has been a good work out there won’t be much left anyway :joy:


Consistent zone 2 would probably be the best idea…60-65% ftp. Won’t wear you down for your next workout, but you’ll get nice aerobic adaptations.

If you fuel the work correctly, doing some extra at the end shouldn’t negate all the hard work you did. If you don’t fuel the work and end up fading to the end and potentially bonking…that’s another story.

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