Best brand torque wrench for bottom brackets (heavier torques... 30-40 Nm)

What torque wrenches are you using around here? Considering ParkTool TW-6.2 for my HollowTech II crank (requires about 35-50 Nm torque). But reading mixed reviews. Some people also recommend buying a regular torque wrench. And what about bits?

I’ve had no issues with the DRAPER tools wrench (see photos below). Good range of torque and easy to use, quality item.

It’s 3/8 drive so you have lots of options for sockets etc.

For hex drive (Cannondale hollowtech) I bought the US Pro hex set from Amazon. (Again see photo below). Great value for money.

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For the higher torque stuff I have just been using luggage scales with a good hook :joy:
Generally bottom bracket tools have a hole or something good to hook into

Then a one that goes to 15 nm for everything else.

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That is the most ghetto setup I’ve ever seen!


Out of shot is the wooden ruler and the Casio fx500 :sunglasses:

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Please dear God, never use a luggage scale for this again, I just can’t…

I just use a standard Kobalt torque wrench from Lowes. For this type of thing, you don’t need a special one, really any good normal torque wrench will work. You just have to watch out for some of them not being calibrated for a low enough torque.

I use a basic beam type for BBs and other stuff in the higher torque range for bikes. I think the ones I use at the co-op are 20$ jobbies from the cheap tool places. In the USA it seems torque wrenches are a lot cheaper than Canada so if you can spare the money a click type isn’t a bad buy, just make sure you zero it after use and don’t drop it, they can get knocked out of whack a lot easier than the beam types.

Most allen key sockets are pretty similar, unless you’re using them in a professional capacity I wouldn’t spend big money on them.