Question about controlling music from head unit

I have a Garmin 1030 and wondering if I can control my music through it? I listen to spotify playlists with shokz bone conduction and its annoying to have to stop riding and get my phone out of my pocket to navigate to new content.
It doesn’t seem to me like I can control music through the garmin 1030, but can you do it with newer Garmin units? Or other options like karoo or wahoo?

As I own a Wahoo head unit, I can definitely say it CAN NOT control music playback. Can’t speak to the other units…


yeah looks like it’s limited to Edge Explore 2 and touch screen x40 series head units for Garmin.

That said I do love the feature on my 1040 solar for the exact reasons you stated. Only limitation is that you’re stuck with the playlist you’re on.

Oh, you can’t change the playlist without taking out your phone? That’s a bit annoying!
Still at least when I’m trying to go hard and a sappy slow song comes on I could hit next :slight_smile:

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You can do the same thing directly on the shockz. Double tap the button on the left temple get you next. Triple tap goes back one song.

Thanks, that’s helpful. So basically unless there’s a head unit that gives more control over playlists/content there’s not much point in upgrading

You can through the Garmin watch fenix 7. I have my watch Bluetooth’d to my headphones and can swap between songs, artists, playlists, etc. There aren’t any head units that have music and I don’t expect there ever will be due to safety concerns. I wouldn’t expect a company to promote listening to music while cycling.

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