Quarq Offset Values

My quarq has always given me about 150 as the offset, suddenly im getting ranges from 0-800.

Should i be concerned? and any suggestions?

Its a quarq elsa, so not super new.

This should definitely not happen - I’d email quarq.

From what I remember, if the offset jumps over 50 points then it could mean there’s a problem.

Have you checked the chainring bolts and made sure none are lose and all are torqued correctly?


Definitely not normal. I’d check the battery. If that doesn’t help, see if there is a firmware update available. If that doesn’t help, contact Quarq support. I’ve been a Quarq user for close to 10 years and I find their support incredibly helpful.

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Long time quarq user (I tinker a boatload so I effectively have more experience).
From the quarq CS : the numbers should be between -500 and 500 AND if you were to set the zero before and after the ride, the deviation should NOT be more than 50 unit: ie
-400 and -440 is just as good as 0 & 35.

When using oval rings and messing with the slope to

Mine does seem to be within 50ish at the end of the ride, but can’t work out why it was so consistently around 150, and it suddenly isn’t?

With any major change like that: yes, better to be concerned proactively. Do some troubleshooting to find the cause. Check the battery, check the torque on the chainring bolts, contact Quarq support.

Far better to try a few things and then be told “X happened, no problem, don’t worry about it” than NOT to put in the work and have your incredibly useful, reasonably expensive piece of hardware get broken, cease to function, or – even worse – give you bad data.

Quarq suggested a reboot as below:

This is done by connecting the terminals together with a pair of needle nose pliers. One end needs to touch the side of the battery compartment and the other needs to touch the screw in the center. Hold them there for 5 seconds.

Bit unclear of what these even means, anyone seen a video online which shows the process? Youtube came up relatively blank which is surprising

Google images ftw?