Quarq Dzero question

I’m looking to get a power meter for my road bike that i use on my trainer with virtual power.

Have a couple of questions while waiting to get a good price on some holiday sales before purchasing.

What is the difference between the hidden bolt and non hidden bolt versions? It seems to me that the power meter is just rotated slightly and not actually connect to the crank arm.

Also, is there a difference between the Quarq branded crank arms and Sram branded cranks? They look identical to me, Sram does own Quarq.

Had the same questions before I bought into Quarq.

  1. SRAM’s own chainrings use a bolt pattern so that the fifth bolt is integrated into the crankarm itself, i.e. the “hidden” bolt. If you want to use SRAM chainrings, you’ll need to use get hidden bolt design cranks. Nearly all other vendors (Shimano, Praxis, etc) use the typical non-hidden bolt design (though some like Praxis can fit both — but, generally, just think of it as NHB being more compatible). So, really, it comes down to just what chainrings you’re going to bolt on to the crank.

  2. Yep, they’re the exact same less the branding. The SRAM ones only come in the hidden bolt configuration, though.


Thanks @Slowhands. I’ll be using Praxis chainrings. So it’ll just come down to whichever version i can get a better price for.

The non hidden bolt version is generally easier to change chainrings on as it does not require use of the knurled nut. The Sram Red22 rings are able to be used in both versions, they come with two ‘crank arm chain catching nubby thingie’ and you just line up the rings accordingly.

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