Quarq dzero power data erratic

I’ve had my quarq dzero for about 3 years today 20 minutes into my session the power and cadence just dropped. Battery isn’t that old; not moved off the trainer since the last use so not hit it or anything.

Any advice please

Odd, I guess if its perceived cadence is wrong it will directly translate to incorrect power (power is basically cadence * force).

Maybe worth checking if you are on the latest firmware? (Load SRAM AXS bluetooth app and search for device).

Granted if it worked until this, and seems to have suddenly “failed” I wonder if new firmware could really even help…

Latest, though, is probably v10 back from 2019 - https://support.sram.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402065416603-Version-10-July-3-2019

I would swap out a battery and try that.

New battery, and very gently, pull the battery bucket ‘fingers’ outward so the battery is firmly in contact when the cap is screwed on.

The fingers can bend ever-so-slightly, and a nice firm contact will make a difference. My Dzero is about the same age, and I needed to do that (with a new battery too) a few months ago.

Have the calibration/zeroing values stayed consistent and within range given by Sram?

Having burned through two Quarqs in two years on the same bike, I’d start with the battery replacement as @Jack_Russell_Racing suggests. Then, I’d confirm your calibration number. If it is wacko, like a five-digit number, perhaps like -32k, then the PM is toast.