Quad soreness over long distances

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Have been starting to build up the distance at weekends in advance of a 100 mile event in a few weeks. One thing that I’m finding (and have found previously) is after the 50/60 mile mark I get really sore quads. I’ve had a bike fit and everything seems pretty well dialled in. Any suggestions of how I can reduce the pain? I have the fitness to carry on at a consistent pace but the ache in my quads holds me back on the back third of the distance. Thanks.

Typical cadence (and range) in use?

Soreness is in both quads?

Since you feel good about fit, the next place I would look is at pedaling technique - are you a big gear masher? If so, once those mighty quads are tired out you may not have as much power to call on from the rest of your muscle groups, especially the glutes, hip flexors and hamstrings.

There are other factors to consider but I’d suggest that any type of recurring pain such as this would probably demonstrate that the bike fit isnt dialled in

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80-90 rpm usually, maybe a little less on a particularly steep hill.

Eating/drinking enough while on the bike?

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What % of FTP are you riding for those long rides?
I would try 65-70% FTP and see if pain is still there. You might be going slower but would keep the distance.

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I think so. I have IBS so I need to be a little careful but on a longer ride I’ll have a combination of water, electrolyte solution and a couple of Veloforte bars/clif etc with sis gels if needed.

Good question and as I only got a power meter last month I haven’t had a chance to measure over a longer distance (that will change this weekend). Last non-structured outdoor ride just going out for the sake of it I averaged 201 watts with NP of 223 watts over 35 miles. That wasn’t a particularly taxing ride apart from the headwind coming back home. FTP is 275 and I’m a heavier rider (87kg/193cm).

Hi all

So here was a 100 mile sportive in graphical format. Fine for first 60, ache for the next 20 and really very sore for the final 20:

NP for the ride was 191w. I reckon I would have gained a fair few minutes if I have not struggled at the end. A weave cadence 74 although that was probably more down to some periods pedalling more slowly in traffic rather than grinding away albeit my cadence definitely dropped slightly through the ride, partially as the final half was much more hilly.

Any ideas on what I can do?

Nutrition and hydration felt good. Only stopped for a 5 minute comfort break during the ride.