PSA - Dropper Post Lever Angle potential injury (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

----Public Service Announcement—

Please take a moment to look at the angle of your Dropper Post lever (or any other lever) on your handlebar and make sure it is not sticking out towards you (ie. horizontally towards the rider).

This past Friday, I had a major crash on my MTB and I went over the handlebar at around 19mph. During the crash, my left quad hit the handlebars and the lever of my dropper post got inserter into my leg above my knee creating a 16in laceration. 36 stiches/staples later, I am now recovering at home… Off the bike for the time being.

While it is impossible to say, whether or not the angle of the lever had an effect, it is clear that if the lever would have been less horizontal (or look more like a brakelever), I would likely have been okay… bruised but okay.

Here is a picture of what my dropper post lever looked like… and you can imagine it getting inserted into my quad as I flew over my handlebars.

Warning: the graphic image is intentionally blurred for preview.

  • Click on the image if you want to see the full graphic detail.

Thats brutal…
Hope you have a quick recovery!

Please make that pic hide-able…

and warn people about its content…

its a strong one

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Yeah man, that’s a doozy! Maybe cross post this to the weight loss thread as I just lost my appetite…

In all seriousness hope you recover quickly and fully. Injuries are never fun.


Better check my mtb! Hope you get better soon!

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Oof glad I have the under the bar style (similar to a shift lever).

That pic of your leg sent shivers down my spine.

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My apologies guys… I didn’t know I could blur the image… I have done that now…


Heal fast, man…brutal injury.

Similar to the story of the guy in CA (?) who got a thru-axle lever jammed into his knee last year (or the year before). Horrific images on the web of the lever actually in his leg.

Protruding components on a bike are bad things…


a huge NOPE…

I wanted to be a doctor when i was a kid, up until 1994. I remember the exact moment i decided to become an engineer.
I was siting at home watching this new (for us) cable channel called “The Learning Channel”. It had a lot of cool stuff and one was called " The Operation". It took 15 seconds to change from “I will be a doctor and do either brain or heart” to “I will become an engineer”

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your picture is too blurry to make amy sense.

&&*& S877T man, that’s gruesome and a good lesson for people. Wishing you a quick and full recovery.

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  • It is blurred on purpose. If you want to see it in full detail, click on it.
    • We requested this because it is graphic and disturbing to some viewers (me included).
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Thanks, I’m a general surgeon, so this sort of thing doesn’t bother me at all.

Ugh. I’m so sorry. I hope you heal up 100% and quick. Thank you for blurring the picture. Was your dropper lever sharp or pokey?

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It is not necessarily sharp… but with enough force… everything becomes sharp…
this is similar to what mine look like.

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That guy lives in the Boston area and the race was somewhere in the Northeast. Fork was removed from bike and he was transported that way.

To OP. Hoping for full recovery.

OMG. I will go check all my levers. That is so scary. I really hope you are feeling better soon. I am glad you were able to get to medical help. Thank you for posting this @alvaroe16,

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Alvaroe16: Hope you recover soon and thanks for the reminder.

FWIW, this is the incident Rumpled mentioned.

Yep, that’s Colin. I happen to know him. Singlehandedly brought the word nemesis back into popularity. Runs

Actually, Power13 first brought up the incident.

I’m sure everyone has seen pics of paper imbedded in a tree from a tornado. Things that seem so innocuous can be more dangerous with the right force.

Continued healing powers for alvaroe16

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Thanks for posting. It’s always good to highlight poorly designed products that can lead to dire consequences.
I hope you recover soon enough.

The KS levers I have on both my MTB’s are nice and smooth thankfully.

Why that’s just a flesh wound!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery dude :slight_smile: