Protein intake and nighttime peeing

I just started supplementing protein this week, just a scoop of Optimum Nutrition’s gold standard whey. I’m trying to hit my 2g/kg body weight as I’m over 40 and lift weights once a week on top of 10hrs on the bike.

I usually supplement a couple hours before dinner to allow for maximal protein uptake. But I’ve noticed that I’m urinating much more frequently at night since starting the supplement routine.

I’ve read other posts saying that this is because my body can’t process the amount of protein I’ve ingested so I’m just peeing it out. I didn’t see any sources but I’m wondering if that’s a true statement.

Either way I’d rather not wake up 4-5 times a night to pee so I’m probably going to cut out the protein supplement. This means I’ll be 1.5 as opposed to 2 g/kg protein-body weight ratio which I’ll live with.

Fair point. I use casein in place of whey for that reason. In the application you are looking for. It is metabolized slowly. Or at least that’s what the brosci say.


Woh is that a thing? 2g/kg body weight? I’m nowhere near that lol. I’ve been working to up my protein some…and I’m around 1-1.5g/kg absolute max…

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There is an age component to that recommended protein level number. Older athletes need closer to 2 iirc. There are a couple of papers out there.

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I’m 41 :grimacing:

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You’re not just peeing out excess protein… That’s not how it works. In fact, if lots of protein is getting out that way your kidneys are in bad shape. And no, high protein doesn’t damage your kidneys.

The simplest answer is the extra fluid you’re taking with the protein mix is more hydration than you need and the body figures that out while you’re sleeping.


U got a little bit to go before that need kicks in. I came across it first in Fast after 50 and the references he provided.

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My buddy’s wife told him he lost a lot of muscle after he turned 45 and he’s “soft” now :grimacing:

I’ll see if cutting back on the hydration will help.

Anyone who is er…older and is up in the night often - unless they have had a shed load of beer needs a prostate check from their GP - probably nothing but always better safe than sorry - big killer of men over 50…I’m 52! :anguished:

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