Progression Levels now in Strava Images

Wow…I almost forgot why I found this thread. It was to see why my Strava isn’t showing the new TR picture with the graph.
I have the Partner Integrations allowed and I have no image…:man_shrugging:

Looks to me like this is fixed? On the web, Account, Ride sync, Strava now has 2 checkboxes “upload workout image” and “include progression levels”




I’ve unticked mine but they still show - must be from now onwards?

I had it disconnected in Strava and that deleted all the image history for rides, but this one doesn’t seem to affect your history.

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  • That would be my guess (not retro-active).
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As you’ve already seen this has been deployed. If you uncheck the options, they won’t show up for any future uploads.

You can either turn off progression levels so it’s just like before or you can turn off the image all together.


Not including ftp and changes to ftp option? Can’t let you think we’re happy with the quick turnaround to user complaints when its easier too complain… :-p

What do you mean not include FTP? It’s not included right now.

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No I meant that I’d love to show off my ftp changes and want the ftp to go with the levels. (Also was trying to make a joke out of the complaint cause its not that major of a request)

So in my mind the feature would add:
For naormal workouts - FTP as another line under the PL levels (under cause its shorter and doesn’t block as much of the image)
For FTP test workouts like the ramp - have the box you show in the UI to celebrate your FTP change in the middle of the image in the forground with the normal workout image behind it maybe a bit darker just to highlight the FTP change box

I’m not saying I’m really pushing for this in priority, but would be nice to have.

Here is a fun one, my sister is restarting training and this morning on Strava we have this workout:

Total workout time (Strava): 0 min and 0 sec.

Notice Sweet Spot PL is 1.2.

Then 9 minutes later, the actual workout:

Total workout time (Strava): 36 min and 5 sec.

And now Sweet Spot PL 1.0.


I’ll call her later.

Pictures… the new “TR tech support call for help:stuck_out_tongue:


Needed to call her anyway, and now I get to hassle her and say WTF were you doing?

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This is the future we were warned about…

That’s what big brothers are for :rofl:

As long as you don’t turn 38 this year

(1984 would be the year you were born if you don’t get the reference)

This thread is hilarious… if you are concerned about people spying on you, you shouldn’t post ANYTHING to strava. LOL!!!

On the other hand… I did feel self conscious about how low my Sprint, Anaerobic and VO2 progression levels were compared to endurance, tempo, SS, and TH. HAHA!!


@Nate_Pearson just did a workout and it uploaded two images to Strava. The pictures are exactly the same.

I might be late to the party but let me chime in: No, it doesn’t. It only shows what Traineroad sees. And that picture still is critically incomplete.

I don’t give $0.02 about this whole mess but your responsiveness is beyond impressive.


Yep. That’s me. I hate the feature. Pretty useless information for those not on TR. and not info I want to share.

I just everything to private and moved on.