Progression Levels now in Strava Images


Glad to see new feature development as always, even if not something useful to me personally. I like your suggestion on the “fix” to the privacy concerns. I can totally understand the reservations expressed by others to display PL’s. I am in the same boat. Don’t want to display that information right now. I do like the original image though without any data. One possible suggestion I’d make, to build on your previous one, is to make the image display option similar to what Strava has started doing with the map image types. You can pick which type of map image you want to display on the ride. TR could have multiple image options to choose from. This could be part of the post ride survey selection, and/or a toggle in settings to always default to one of the selected images or no image.
On a side note related to the PL’s, I do wish there was a way just within TR to see the history of the levels at any time in the past. Similar to TSS histograph on the top of the Career tab. I’d like to see where my PL’s are at throughout the year and past years. For example, I recently had covid, and was off the bike for over 10 days. I watched my PL’s drop down significantly in that time, which was frustrating. I’d like to see where I was before I got sick, so I can get an idea of what I need to do to get back to where I was before getting sick. So some way to scroll back through time on PL’s would be awesome! Keep up the good work, and thanks!


ROFL! :rofl:

explain how it’s so personal but you need to use strava…


Just don’t tell anyone its based on an FTP of 50w :rofl:

As a reminder to everyone on this thread: Please keep Constructive Contribution in mind as one of our Community Guidelines when criticizing each other about their privacy concerns.

Engaging in constructive debate about the feature itself is cool, as is constructive criticism of TrainerRoad, but back-and-forth dialogue like this usually doesn’t lead to more shared understanding, rather, just results in a diminished forum climate.

Thanks for being cool moving forward, all. :+1:


Except they could have been doing tons of sprint work outside and this wouldn’t even come close to representing their actual capabilities. You would be pretty foolish to base your race tactics on this alone.


This isn’t really meaningful since they change with FTP


We each use these tools in different ways. None of them are wrong. I generally ride on Zwift with TR controlling a workout. I end up sharing the Zwift activity on Strava most of the time because it has a map.

I never said I needed to use Strava. For me, I use it to see what cool adventures my friends are doing. Maybe that’s a ride or workout I should do some day.

The workout profile of a workout communicates pretty effectively what I’m working on. The progression levels are disconnected from the day to day riding. It’s a long term view of your training plan and progression. It’s also a lot of information for a Strava graphic. The PL system is new and doesn’t make sense to most people I have personally talked to.

I like that TR has tried to show off the AT features with PLs through Strava. I just don’t think this implementation is very good. I also don’t want to stop anyone from showing these off if that’s something they want to and are proud of.


I dig it. It’s another layer of friendly competition adding accountability and drive to my workouts

Following Nate’s link

seems to switch off Strava/TR integration all together. Not simply switch off the images. Setting TR disable in Strava gave the message “Your TrainerRoad integration has been disabled. Your last TrainerRoad activity was uploaded on 31 January 2022.”

Am I missing something? Or is the message simply ambiguous?

Swap the word “integration” for “marketing” and it makes more sense.

It does remove all the graphs from all the past activities too which I didn’t realize.

With “integrations” removed the ride still gets uploaded with the workout name but no picture.

Ambiguous. It’s just listing the last activity you uploaded. It doesn’t disconnect the link between the two platforms, it just disables the marketing product placement.


I like it. My strava friends understand Mario Kart better than the other graphs anyway.


Huge credit to you Nate for such a rapid response to this issue.

Every day is a learning day! Thanks for that

Just tuned into this change after a lot of summer outdoor riding rather than TR. Not a fan at all (way too look at me), and I’m very pleased that TR are looking to incorporate on/off switches for the PL’s showing or not.

In the meantime I’ll just turn off Partner Integration

Are their levels relative to an unpublished FTP also :joy:

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but, what’ll happen when you get nerf’d for being OP?

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Everyone I compete against knows my strengths and weaknesses anyway and being a TTer I only really compete against myself anyway. This whole thread makes me think of Catherine Tate :joy: