Progression Levels and understanding "progress"

This is probably addressed somewhere however I was unable to located it a quick search. I wanted to better understand progression levels specifically what over shooting a workouts targets. Example I just completed a workout “Kershaw” which has 4 x :20 second sprints where the target was set to 180%. However I tend to be a relatively high FRC rider so this was a low target for what I’m after. For me currently the 180% is around 440 watts roughly. I ended up hitting around 700+ to 600 watt range for each of these, and basically nailed the rest of the endurance zones. The progression seems to be a set increase of +.2 to sprint level if you complete the workout as prescribed however, I overshot the sprints by hundreds of watts and completed the reset of the workout as prescribed. If i understand this correctly it seems the AI / ML doesn’t yet account for this type of thing. Or am I missing something? thanks in advance…

This article is related, and applies whether you increase the actual Workout Intensity setting (like in ERG mode) or simply exceed the power target in Resistance, Standard or Level modes.

  • Correct, if you mean that you will only get the PL in your career as associated with the original workout. Exceeding targets will not lead to a higher PL result at this time.

Perfect exactly what I was looking for, thank you @mcneese.chad

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