Bike Fit - Non Certified Retul Vs Traditional

Hi All,

I’ve just bought a new bike and I wanted to re-do my fit from scratch to see if i could get more aero.

For that, I wanted to use a different fit studio from the one that did the fit for my previous bike however the fitter on the Retul Studio i’m looking at isn’t fully certified and they’re the only ones around(Actually, Retul’s website doesn’t even show him as a level 1)

On the other hand my previous fit was a “traditional fit”(non Retul) but the fitter is really famous around the area and did an awesome job for me.

On your opinion does it worth to go for this new fitter just to try a different tool or should i stick to the original one but ask him to challenge things a bit so i can get a more aero/aggressive position on this new bike?

As said he did a great work on my previous fit, the idea is more to look for a third opinion but i also don’t want to make this a wast of money and time.



Depends on the news guys reputation. If people have a good opinion of him, then the piece of paper from Retul isn’t important. Even if he doesn’t have the piece of paper from Retul it’s still the work that he does that matters. Retul is a tool that lets fitters make better decisions. If they lack the skills to make the correct decisions then it doesn’t matter what tools they have.


It makes sense, at the end of the day it is a sophisticated tool but the result will really depend on the fitter skill.
I know one or two local triathletes that are really fast on their bikes and did their fit with this “new” guy, i’ll get in touch with them to see if i can get more information. Thanks!

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So true. The most important tools for a fitter are the ears (solid listening skills), eyes (observant) and an open mind (to pull the riders comments and position on the together).

The other stuff is nice, and can help the fitting process. But they can also become a distraction or even a crutch, if the fitter isn’t really good at the basics.