Problems with maintaining power target ERG mode [Resolved ✅ ]


Since today’s workout I’m experiencing problems with ERG-training I’m doing on TR.

For example, when I have to pedal at 190 watts, the trainer automatically stabilizes at 170 watts while my cadence remains almost the same. It’s always a 10% difference it seems.

Even after calibration I continue to experience the same problems. I didn’t have this problem last Sunday, but I did see that the app has been updated between these two days, are there more people who suffer from this?

My smart trainer is Elite Direto XR

Ask support:

TR support is top-notch.

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Update: I fixed the problem, it was because I took my Garmin cadence sensor off the bike… I took this off during maintenance yesterday and forgot to put it back on… Though I can’t see why the smart trainer needs a external cadence sensor because it already has one built in.

Same issue, same solution with my Suito.

Problems with Erg mode often stem from connection issues.

  • You need a strong connection between TrainerRoad and your devices for Erg mode to work well.

  • We prioritise different devices for certain metrics. TrainerRoad will prioritise cadence readings from your cadence sensor.

  • If you don’t have the cadence sensor paired, we will take cadence readings from your power meter (which I see that you had paired for this ride).

  • If your power meter is running low on battery, or is connected to multiple devices/ apps, this can weaken the connection to TrainerRoad.

  • If you don’t have a cadence sensor or power meter paired, we will take cadence readings from your smart trainer.

  • If any or all of your devices have a weak connection, it is possible that we are switching between devices to attain cadence readings which makes for an unpleasant experience in Erg mode.

  • The solution is to make sure that you have a strong connection to all of your devices to ensure optimal Erg mode function.

  • Check out this article to learn how you can take steps to avoid dropouts and strengthen the connection between your devices and TrainerRoad: Device Dropouts.

Hope this helps in the future!

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