Problem with Fox Transfer SL dropper

I put Fox Transfer SL 31.6 on my Spark PRO 2019 and when I tighten the seat clamp (even just 3Nm) it affects lifting. I feel it when lowering but it stuck when moving back…

Does anyone have a similar problem?

you should check how round the seatclamp is (specially when fastened, when it’s too much oval, it will apply to much pressure on the dropper, even when it’s not tight).
The “roundness” is maybe not easy to see/check, but a good indication can be how much gap you have when the clamp is tight. (the gap should be ~1mm )

For example, this one has a gap that’s way to big and also an issue with the dropper:


I just turned seat clamp in an opposite way and it looks better now.
I have carbon friction paste but I assume that I need a different one because seatpost is ALU or this ona can work also?

carbon paste will always work to increase friction between the post and the frame, even if both are alu.

-some- say that carbon paste will not prevent corrosion and you can still end up with the post forever fixed in the frame, but I have not (yet) had that experience.

You’re doing all the right things. Carbon paste is also called friction paste, and it’s always a good idea to use it on any seat post. Flipping the seat post collar is a good first step and if that doesn’t solve it I would look at getting a different seat post collar. 3Nm is actually adequate torque for most riders, but if it’s still binding, then you should try a different collar.