Pro/Elite training

Also incredible that he won UTMB right after having Covid.

Also interesting that he uses a run powermeter (but probably due to sponsoring). Not sure, for what it would be useful given he surely know his body and it‘s not clear what a run pm actually measures.

In the trail running article they mention that Z4 is his „race pace“, but that surely depends on the distance.

Also wondering, if he is really so convinced of Maurten or if this is due to sponsorship.

Do you think there’s benefit in looking at what non road pros post? What the people in the lifetime Grand Prix do would likely be interesting, and World Cup mountain bike racers. Both or these groups seem to race substantially less than road pros, and are optimizing for slightly different demands

Thanks for posting these.

Spent time reading these and burrowing into the links. Not for this thread, but found the minimalist strength training paper to be of interest.

Would suggest any discussion on strength training protocols be continued here:

This thread contains quite a few mountain bikers. Even a lot of information on other sports. Not sure what could be learned from any elite training.

Seiler talks with Kilian about training.


That research paper’s title is a mouthful

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16:50 - 18:45 was interesting to hear. I’ve been interested in fasted/low carb training again lately even though a few years back I thought I would never do it again. Ofc it’s important for ultra etc. But the health argument about metabolic flexibiliy is what i mean

it works for an athlete with a 80+ vo2max maybe in certain phases.

Also, fasted with full muscle glycogen is very different from fasted with low muscle glycogen.

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exactly. everybody wants to burn fats. and they think they reach that goal by going low carb. and yes they will burn more fats but what they actually want without knowing it is a better mitochondrial function and therefore burn more fats even in a high carb diet (which is probably necessery for the wanted adaptions at a certain training load).

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Been watching some of Lionel Sanders vids and was wondering what he is testing with his blood and why does he seem to do it so often? Anyone know?


Norwegian approach to intensity control. He’s coached by Gustav Iden’s brother.