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Is that high or low for a women? Low end compared with a World Tour Women (Road Racing)?

On the related subject of how important is it…

"This means that those with the higher VO2 max scores had the lowest efficiencies and those with lower VO2 max scores had higher efficiency. A similar pattern was seen in gross efficiency. Power to weight ratio at VO2 max was not significantly different between riders, they were all in the 4.9-5.4 W/kg range. Interestingly, two of the most accomplished riders - a road race and time trial world champion, and a climbing specialist who had won five stages in the Tour de France - both had VO2 max scores under 70 ml/kg/min.

This study clearly shows that VO2 max is less important than efficiency in cycling performance and that a high level of efficiency can make up for a lower VO2 max. This pattern is not unique to cycling it has also been seen in running (3) and rowing."

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Pro Women (in cycling) VO2max…

“VO2 max—ranging from 69 to 80 ml/kg/min on the Canyon/SRAM team, according to Teutenberg. Though most of the riders fall into the 70 to 75 ml/kg/min range—a typical range for elite athletes.”

So I guess it would be interesting to know what it was when competing.

Hello Martin, old post but hoping you would see it. How was your experience working with Ciaran? I am training under him for the last 6months and have seen some good gains but not so much feedback on what I might be doing wrong or right. Wondering if you could share some insights.

She was at 74 when she was competing, that’s whay she says in the video.


I think you got to where I was going in the end.

It wasn’t supposed to be a deep dive into what VO2max is required for what level etc.

Annika was five time World Champ and one of the biggest motors on the Mountain Bike. She also placed highly at Amstel Gold and Strade Bianche. She has all the tickets for entry.

It was more a comment on that being her “off the couch” number if you like (it’s clearly not off the couch, but she’s not training like she used to and has been recently laid up).

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And no strength training (N=3)


Lorena Wiebes data analysis from Kolie Moore