Pro Cycling Thread 2024

Now you can buy a tee shirt…


Always love the Vuelta: the continual doses of mountains, the end of term feeling, a season’s fatigue in the legs, all contributing to it being the least controllable and least controlled of the grand tours, hence the most enjoyable to watch for me.

Huge fan of Sepp Kuss, so overjoyed to see him take the maillot rojo this year as the planets aligned. Key factor being his form and remarkable resilience after riding all three grand tours, placing in the top 15 in the earlier two despite his super-domestique duties. And then the racing chops to take maximum advantage of the circumstances he found himself in, seeing it through and getting his team onboard.

Like others, I’m not expecting a repeat next year, which makes this one all the more special. Indeed, despite a soft spot for Kuss & Roglic, one team dominating soon gets fans’ backs up, and another season or so of this and we’ll all be booing JumboV. So make hay while the sun shines fellas - or depart to other teams :wink: - and let’s hope for some more competition next season and beyond. I’ll certainly be cheering on Pog come the tour, and am even beginning to warm to Remco a teeny tiny bit… :laughing:

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40€… I guess they’ve found an alternate source of financing the team.

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Don’t forget another $40 for shipping to the US…

My wife saw it and said she wanted one, but I think well pass on a $80 shirt ha


Yeah, I clicked the link on IG to buy it and immediately went “ahhhh don’t think I will.”


By the sounds of every Podcast Kuss is next door neighbour or old, school friend to everyone in America anyway, just get him to put them in his suitcase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was slightly saddened to hear pundits comment things like “he’s answering with a smile”. They’re doing commentary work for over a decade and they’re only now noticing this? Sepp never pouts, is always nice to everyone and never has a bad thing to say about anyone. He might leave a pound of flesh on the tarmac and still stops for a Q&A at the line looking like a beaten up :grinning: emoji.


Indeed. I don’t need a season of this. Thank goodness WvA didn’t a few monuments on top of this or I would have taken a couple years absence. As it is Giro and Vuelta were already unwatchable for me.

They want 37.95 Euros to ship it to the U.S. too!

That’s insane, profiting off the whole SEPPtember is smart but I’m not paying that much for a shirt :joy:

If you go direct to instead of the Jumbo store the shipping is slightly better. They claim they have free shipping over a certain threshold but not sure if it applies to US shipping.


you all obviously don’t live in Australia. Getting any cycling merch shipped here costs more than my damn bike.


Not sure if this is behind a paywall, but Sepp took 808 KOMs in 2023, more than any pro athlete. Ton of KOMs in Giro, TdF and Vuelta.


Maybe that’s how the KOM jersey in the grand tours should be awarded: not based on position crossing the KOM points, but lowest segment time.

Could make things spicy in the GC group if someone going for the KIM jersey puts their team on the front simply to get the fastest time on the segment :rofl:


I think the grand tours are missing out.

They should have a jersey for the guy with highest average power
A jersey for the most time in front of the peloton.
A jersey for the last place person on the tour. Hopefully some fun competition in the back to not be last place.

It’s long overdue for domestiques to get some love.

Anyone else have any ideas for jerseys?

That actually was once a competition in the Giro…the maglia nera (black jersey)

Sport Road Cycling
Competition Giro d’Italia
Awarded for Last overall
English name Black jersey
Local name Maglia Nera (in Italian)
First award 1946
Editions 6
Final award 1951
First winner 23x15 Luigi Malabrocca (ITA)
Most wins 23x15 Luigi Malabrocca (ITA) (2 times)
Most recent 23x15 Giovanni Pinarello (ITA)

There was real competition to win this particular jersey. Especially noted are the struggles between Sante Carollo and Luigi Malabrocca, to see who could waste the most time. Each tried to lose more time than the other by hiding in bars, barns, and behind hedges, or even by puncturing their own wheels


Keegan to gravel worlds

WVA rumored to be there too. If anything like last year, the course will be tame and the road riders will dominate (road bikes were the choice last year), but still something to look forward to in a couple of weeks.

Wow…I’m honestly shocked. Course certainly doesn’t suit him.

Will be very surprised if he does well……guess we’ll find out!

That’s cool!
In modern competition with time cutoffs, it would be worth it to bring it back.

Thankfully it’s not the same course. Here’s a quote from a Velo article:

According to UCI Gravel World Series race director and former ‘cross world champ Erwin Vervecken, 2023’s courses “are much harder than last year, especially the middle section which is quite hilly. The first and last sections are mainly gravel, the middle part has more road,” he said. Last year’s worlds’ routes were similar to this year’s in distance but lacked any significant climbing. The 2022 women’s worlds route was 140km with only 700m of climbing. Furthermore, many of the gravel sections were paths rather than the gravel roads traditionally used in gravel races. Vervecken said, aside from one section that is on narrower path-like surfaces, “95 percent of the roads on this year’s route can be driven in a car.”