Preview Graph Visualization for Outdoor / Outside Workouts [Resolved ✅]


I’m sorry if this has been discussed before, I did a search but couldn’t find anything on the subject.

I’ve planned all of my workouts outside using plan builder, and I quite miss the little icons that depict the workout profile in the calendar. I loved those when I was doing all my training indoors.
I can understand it’s not preferred to have the outside workouts look the same as the inside ones, but maybe they could have a different color or some other variation like that Clicking the workout and reading the description works, but I still miss the graphic depiction.

Could this perhaps be added in the future?

Cheers and thanks for the great product.


Ah there you go, there was a subject on the matter already.

Well, +1!


Keep the visual depiction in the calendar of the intervals when you switch a workout from inside to outside.

I do most of my workouts outside but have inside workouts set as a default so I can see what I’m up against for a given day/week. If I set it to outside as a default, there’s only the name of the workout in the calendar view, and then the wattage breakdown when you click on it. I think it’s way easier to mentally/physically prepare for what’s ahead if you can see the interval structure visually. Meaning I can plan the route/repeats I’ll do, eat enough calories throughout the day, choose what bike to use…etc.

Maybe keep the picture and invert the colors? or make the blocks green instead of blue if it’s outside?


@timon, I moved your request under an existing one that was the same basic request.

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Definitely finding the outdoor workout support limiting as i do more outside. I don’t pick outdoor workout until morning of so I can see the visual profile and the planned IF (says 0.00 in outside). I wish the app had the ability to switch it to outside so I don’t have to rely on my computer to do it. Also wish the profile would overlay after you complete the work out to compare against actual. And recognizing as the named workout without having to rename it. And that it was easier to manage/search outdoor workouts without having to look inside, then convert to outside, then notice that outside workout is of a different length and profile. Cumbersome.


Or a summary of actuals, like what Strava (free) shows:


Thanks, all! Bumping this to the team for sure. :v:


Just chiming in with another vote for keeping the graph. Maybe change the blue or black color to make an obvious designation that it’s scheduled as an outdoor and not inside workout?

Thanks for the great product!


+1 for this request.

The picture of the map of my out and back route on the flattest and least travelled road I can find so I can hit my power outdoor workout power targets isn’t nearly as pretty as those beautiful blue workout profiles


As long as the weather permits, I ride almost exclusively outside - sacrifices in workout efficiency and quality be damned!

As such, my TR calendar just looks like a sea of GPS maps. And any upcoming workouts on my plan just show up as the workout name.

I find the visualization of the intervals - as they would show up for indoor rides - to be really helpful when trying to get an overall sense of the structure of an individual workout or an entire block. It’s easy to glance at a workout and see if it’s steady state, VO2 intervals, etc when you can see it right there. This is lost when you switch to outdoor workouts.

I would rather still see a chart of the planned interval structure than a GPS map on the calendar for my outdoor rides that are linked to specific workouts. Or perhaps some kind of overlay. For me personally, the GPS maps are especially irrelevant since I ride a lot of the same routes over and over again for my weekly rides.

A snapshot of what my calendar looks like… gives no sense at all about what kind of rides I’ve been doing!


Hey Kenroll,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your request. I shared your idea with one of our Project Managers and we both think that it’s an interesting idea worth looking into. Now that we have outside workouts that can push to your head units, we will likely start to see more interval workouts completed outside on the road, and the context of the power profile would be very welcome when viewing your training at the monthly level.

I am going to pass your suggestion onto the rest of the team for consideration :slight_smile: .

Cheers, and happy training!


I also think this is a really great idea. I have been doing the match/association of outdoor rides to my planned rides and often label the Strava file with the TR name, but having a mini display of the intervals under the map would be really nice to quickly review the structured ones in the calendar. (Still waiting to try the new automatic mode - in rest week!)

You might also export such a combo map/planned interval view back to Strava like you do for indoor workouts already - would give some high vis publicity of the new feature! Not sure how that would interact with the wahoo maps showing KOMs/prs that often pop up sometimes.


@Bryce it would be great to see a view post workout similar to indoor workouts (i.e actually power overlaid on the target power). This would make it much easier to view the level of compliance on an individual workout as well as a quick visual reference of the type of workout.

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Hey thanks for the suggestion! I believe if our developers were to incorporate the same display structure for outside and inside workouts, that would definitely be a part of it! It’s hard to say if or when this can get on the roadmap for new features, nonetheless we’ve passed it along to the development team! :raised_hands:

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Just to add to this…

changing a future ride to outside loses the image, it’d be good to have an image for outdoor rides (perhaps in green rather than blue to indicate the fact it’s an outside ride).


Also echo that it’d be nice to (have the option to) see the visualization of the segments rather then the map.


And just to add to that…

As someone who does ‘TrainerRoad on the Road’ most weekends (an excellent underrated TR feature when used with a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt btw) I too want to see at a glance the picture of the upcoming workout in calendar also rather than have to read the power profile. It’s just a minor frustration.

Also, it would be good if the title of the logged ride could automatically be named something like ‘TrainerRoad on the Road - Hunter’.


Hi, is there any progress since the original suggestion in late 2019?
Thanks for the effort.

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Another thread with same request:


Hey! Its not high-up on the road map as we’re in the final stages of releasing some big features and fixes.
I’ll certainly bump to the team though! :v:


+1 for this! Thanks for all the good work :slight_smile: