Pretty awesome KOM video

Why ride that fast with flappy tshirt and baggy shorts?

Those videos are so sketchy. One may have the right away but bombing down the road in a residential area means a car could pull out in front of you at any moment.

In that second video, the guy passing cars on the left with a double yellow and a rubble strip is just insane.

Looks like this guy also took the Haleakala KOM yesterday. 4 min over Mike Woods isn’t nothing.


Nearly 5w/kg for 2 hours and 24 minutes


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And he confirms my theory that if you wanna be good cyclist you have to start with rowing :wink:

Is Mike Woods a pro cyclist?

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Not so pro, only some wins on stages during Grand Tours, second in Liege Baston Liege.

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And a sub 4 min mile, no bigs.

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Blimey - that is pretty incredible :sunglasses:

Piuma and Latigo are both nice. Yerba is also good, but my preference back when I lived there was Deer Creek off PCH and then left onto Yerba. Deer Creek is quieter and steeper.

The pavement on Deer Creek used to be a turnoff for me, but after they paved it recently it’s been fantastic.

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Speaking of KOM’s. “ Patios” in Bogota, is one of the most coveted KOM’s in the world. It got broken this week. Cookie Gaimon tried his hand at it a while ago as well.

Here’s a video of the effort.

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I used to spend nearly every weekend climbing one or more of those hill… but the last time was 2003 so some things may have changed…

Somebody will flag it :wink:

Thats absolutely insane and world class. Where did you find out his FTP?

It’s on his Strava, if that’s anything to go by, but I suspect it could be even higher after seeing the video.

Yeah guys a beast