Press fit bottom bracket...grease? loctite? teflon tape? Park Tool retaining compound? Other?

What does everybody coat the cup/insert with prior to pressing in the bearing?

I was just going to grease it & press that thing in there but I’m hearing a lot of different opinions! :smiley: Seems like the Park Tool primer & retaining compound solution is popular but I’m not sure I’m ready to go that far…

you shouldnt need anything to press the bearing into the cup. just press it in.

use some activator and loctite retaining compound for cup to frame though.


This is what I use, solved any creaking I had. Worth the investment in my opinion for a job you don’t want to have to do very often. For maintaining my 2 bikes I haven’t used even half of my first bottle+pen from over a year ago.

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loctite 609 with activator. Some people use the 680(high strength) which I think is what the park tool is rebottled. 641 is the medium strength.

609 makes it easier to remove the bearing later which for carbon bores I would use. For metal 641/680


That’s my vote.
Or get a Wheels Manufacturing thread together BB.

Yeah…I guess my concern with loctite is future bearing removal might damage the frame. Haven’t taken the old bottom bracket out yet so I don’t know if there is an Al shell in there or not. It definitely creaks like crazy which doesn’t bother me but people complain about it all the time. I’m finally going to give my teamies a break and put a new hawk bottom bracket in there.

Retaining compound isn’t quite like loctite thread locker. The bonds to the surface is relatively weak, it just sets into a gap filling hardner simiiar to an epoxy but its still easy to tap out. If park tool thinks the high strength is okay to use on all BBs then its probably fine. I’ve been using the 609 for ~5 years and dozens of changes on my BB30 and PF30 BBs