BB maintenance questions

Does anyone change their BB regularly?
If so, how often?
If not, when do you know it’s time to change it other than the obvious noises.

I am concerned that all the sweat in the last 2-3 years will make it much harder to remove the old one just like some of the bolts.

Also does it matter which BB to use?

Probably depends on what kind of BB you have and how often you ride in the rain.

In general tho I would say most people
Don’t bother until it gets crunchy. Pressfit BBS are kinda a pain for the home mechanic.

If you’re feeling it’s crunchy by all means take it in to get replaced.

I never ride in the rain and about 90% of my rides are on the trainer. But I do make a good sweat.
BB is one thing I don’t do at home. It’s just easier to give $150 every once in a while to the LBS to do it. I could bear hammering my frame.
I have a Madone so I think it’s a BB90?

The end of winter every year, but I ride audax events all year and here in the South West of Little England, it’s wet.

Pack with new grease. Every bike in the house has a different BB so I learn. Most are marked with a code if you need another BB but it’s usually only visible after deconstruction.

$150 :dizzy_face: (insert local profane expression of surprise here)

I fitted a Hope BB to my road bike about eight years ago and I’ve replaced one bearing in that time (last year just before starting the winter’s trainer programme). I’d expect it to last another eight years which might be longer than the frame!

My MTBs also have Hope BBs and are from two to six years old. They get a biannual clean, before and after winter, but that’s it. Ten minute job to remove, clean and replace.

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I have no idea what it costs. I just assumed 20-40$ BB plus labor would come to that.

BB90. Ugh. Don’t touch it unless it’s rough. Otherwise you might be headed to creaksville.

It’s not the best long term design since the bearings are pressed directly into the carbon frame. Lots of instances of the frame ovalizing.

I would do everything you can not to get sweat into that area. Towels, more fans. Wouldn’t do maintenance on that BB unless absolutely necessary.

Do nothing until it makes some noise or doesn’t turn smoothly. I really doubt that sweat is getting into the BB.