Preparing for long race in March mostly indoors

Hey hey,

I’ve pulled the trigger and registered for a 100 mile MTB race in mid-March (COVID permitting and protocols in place), assuming it’ll take me 8-10h to finish. Past months have been mid-volume TR indoors with longer outside rides (both road and MTB) on weekends, but it’s pretty frosty and snowy around here. So I’ll still try to ramp up the long outside rides, but there might be weekends where it’s not possible and I haven’t done rides longer than 2h on the trainer.

How would you prepare for this race, especially around long rides, if long rides outside aren’t an option?
Just suck it up and ramp up inside to 3-4h Z2 rides? Do 2h + 2h sessions a day? Just add 30-60 min of Z2 at the end of every structured workout?

This isn’t my A race, but obviously still want to come as prepared as I can, since I don’t have an A race for a few months after that.


Another option I have thought about is going to somewhere warm for a weekend (3-4h driving away) so that I can stack 2 long days on trails - what do you think would be the best timing for that? Once 4 and once 2 weeks before the race?