Long TR rides for MTB marathon training

I’m a MTB Marathon rider and racer.
Sometimes I create long rides with the workout creator.
Up to 2,5 hours with changing intervalls, long sweetspot or threshold, short VO2max sprints …
Good to stay used to long hard rides during winter.
Beside the normal TR sustained power plan.
What’s your opinion, is it good idea to do them, training benefits or are there any disadvantages ?

Why not follow the MTB marathon plan and instead of doing the 2.5h indoor ride, go outside and ride at endurance on a MTB trail and work on skill (if you are not doing so already)?

Doing that 2.5h indoor ride with varying intervals, i assume you do that to simulate a MTB XCM, which i guess is fine to do sometimes as a simulation, to figure out fuelling, drinking, etc. But would not make that a regular thing.


I race XCO, XCM and MTB 100s. If possible, I’d recommend following Plan Builder and AT with high volume plans. I don’t see much benefit in creating your own workouts. Additionally, replace Sundays workouts with z2 (3 hours) and slowly grow that duration. If you’re mostly stuck on the trainer during winter as I am, I’d cap those z2 rides based on availability and your tolerance until you can get outdoors. Long indoor trainer rides are not ideal, but it’s only 3 times a month.

I don’t know that you need stay in touch with hard efforts during Base, you’ll get plenty of that in Build and Specialty phases. Best to give the mind and body a rest from these efforts during Base. For longer duration events like XCM your durability and TTE will be a much greater factor than any hard efforts.

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Riding outside is no option, at the moment we have -5 celsius and winter will continue untill march or april maybe.
I started again with TR Maratho plan, but beside indoor training i do a lot of running. And TR cant manage running i have to rescedule my plan everytime manualy. So i deleted the plan and doing Sustained power and then speciality.
Somedays i do long runs, up to halfmarathon, but it´s not possible every week cause of the weather.
So i want to do those long inddor rides to stay used to long hard “rides”, even mentaly :slight_smile: