Pre-Race Warmups - CX

I joined Trainer Road earlier this year (for some reason I’ve been on the trainer more in 2020……………….) and have set quite a few PR’s as well as raising my FTP about 40W – so far. I have also become a binge watcher of the podcast via YouTube. IMO this a the biggest differentiator between TR and your competitors as it pulls everyone into a virtual community. Plus you give great advice and coaching.

So one question I have concerns pre-race warmups – which I know I am not doing well. I primarily race CX (Cat 3 60+ so 45m races) and you know how critical a good start can be. I don’t warm up on a trainer or rollers – mostly just a pre-ride and some on road spinning, simulated starts (for initial clip in work) and 10s hard sprints. What would you recommend

Whilst I’m waiting for the call up I often spring around on my toes, and wave my arms about and stuff. I can feel my body flush with adrenaline and I encourage it. Gives me a real boost.
Prior to that, gentle progressive spinning and a couple of roughly 1min threshold efforts. Like to save most of my energy for the race itself.