PowerTap P2 Pedals, Red Light

Hello everyone,
my name is joel and about 2 months ago i bought a pair of power tape p2 power meters, they worked very well although sometimes there were power outages for a few seconds and there were indications that the right sensor was out of battery, but at the end of the data on both pedals was always correct.
Today I went for a walk and the right sensor turned on a red light and it doesn’t work nor let me manually calibrate only the left one works.
Someone can tell me what’s going on, the batteries are new …


I’d recommend reaching out to the offical PowerTap Support Team for this type of issue since they are the experts on this type of thing:


I know the P1’s had to have lithium batteries. The regular AAA did not work.


They are lithium batteries …

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Thanks i Will check:)