Powertap C1 Chainring Replacement

Hi folks - looking for any C1 Chainring owners out there who’ve replaced the actual rings… Obviously the product is not supported any more and as far as I can make out the Official powertap branded replacement chainrings can’t be purchased any more.

I read, but couldn’t confirm, that these could be replaced with standard FSA rings but wanted to know if anyone here has actually done this successfully and which specific rings they used. Powertap used to recommend they were sent in for calibration when changed which obviously isn’t an option but I can’t find any guidance on recommended Torque etc - At the end of the day I’ll have to take my chances at some point but would be great if someone has done this themselves…

I’ve not looked after the rest of the drive train as well as I could which has lead to a bit of premature wear - I’ve found this powermeter to be pretty fuss free in general so would be great if I didn’t have to replace it when the time comes

I also have the C1 and find it to be a great affordable PM. Back in 2019 I dealt with searching for replacement rings. I talked to FSA, and they said there wasn’t much they could do to help.

I ended up finding replacements from an online vendor in Europe. They were sort of hard to find and took over a month to arrive. I figure when these go it’ll be the end of that PM. I don’t road bike anymore anyways so it just sits on the trainer.

Good luck