PowerMatch Test: What is it?

I’m running the latest update of the desktop app. I’ve just been having a look at my settings and found something I’ve not noticed before: Power Match Test.

In the settings for my Hammer (H1), there’s an option for something called PowerMatch Test. The default setting has it set to disabled (image 1). When enabled, it provides a series of settings (image 2).

What is PowerMatch Test? What do those settings refer to?

Experimental Powermatch (ePM) TR is working on a new and improved Powermatch.

I have never had problems w/the existing PowerMatch, but have been testing out the ePM. Personally, I am not noticing any differences. Both work great for me.

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Ah, thanks for that. I’d searched the forum for “powermatch test” and couldn’t find anything. Cheers.

(You were given access to the feature since you were part of that PowerMatch thread.) Feel free to join in on the testing and provide feedback if you are interested!

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my powermatch has never worked great. Using kickr core with stages l/h. Is this something i would be able to try? or is it for hammer trainers? thanks adam

This is for Anaylst smart trainer. I enabled it today for my Kickr gen1 trainer, and did my a workout.

To early to tell if it is better than the old power match, but N=1; it isn’t worse.