Powermatch & resistance mode possible?

I have a Wahoo KICKR and ELEMNT + Power2Max Type S and run TrainerRoad w/ my iPad. I’d like to try using Powermatch and resistance mode, but, I don’t think it’s possible because the P2Max is ANT+ only. Am I wrong? If so, how would I configure it?

Can I pair my KICKR & P2MAX to my ELEMNT and then, somehow connect my iPad to the KICKR, but, let the ELEMNT control the KICKR?

Or, do I just have to skip the power match and let the KICKR do the work?

the Type S is ANT+ only. Last I checked, TR does not support bridging devices such as the Viiiiva HRM or the CABLE. FYI… I own two P2M Type S and also have the Viiiiva HRM.

If you are going to use the iPad, then you will need to rely on the Kickr for power.

Otherwise, you can use a laptop w/USB ANT+ dongle to run TR which will then let you connect the Kickr, P2M Type S, etc…

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That’s what I figured. Was hoping I overlooked something. I should have mentioned I’m using a TICKR as well, not that it makes any difference.

I’m not switching to laptop + dongle, so, I guess I’ll have to make due - Thanks!

Your Kickr and Type-S might line up within a reasonable amount, say 3%. Or they might be off by a lot.

I had a 1st gen Kickr. It was off by about 15W consistently compared to both of my Type S. Meanwhile, both Type S read the same when I compared them via on several local climbs. Currently, I’m on a Neo. The Neo and my Type-S line up quite nicely. Even so, when running TR, I use ANT+ and Powermatch.

Anyway, if you do some testing, you can figure out if your Kickr and Type S numbers are reasonably similar. If not, if I remember correctly, you can apply an offset to your Kickr. Another option is to have an indoor FTP for the Kickr/TR vs an outdoor FTP w/your Type S.

I use both simultaneously every now and then and they look to be very close. It’s not a big deal if I can’t use power match, I just wanted to if it was possible.

I believe that you can pair your ANT+ power meter directly with the KICKR to use as a power source by entering the ANT+ ID into the Wahoo Fitness app as a way to accomplish what you are trying to do (and make sure you turn off Erg Mode Power Smoothing too)

But, can I still pair the KICKR w/ TrainerRoad app on the iPad?