PowerMatch or Wahoo Control with ANT+ - which is better?

Yes, with the dongle you can connect the Mac with both powermeter and trainer. TR will then automatically apply powermatching using the power data from the powermeter.

In terms of using the Wahoo ANT+ power control function, on thing to note is that once you set the trainer to follow the power meter, you should only connect the Kickr with training app (and unpair the powermeter from your training app). Apparently pairing both would cause some eradicating behaviours.

Draw back is that you wouldn’t get cadence data. Also, you would only get average power within an interval and wouldn’t get power graph plot. At least that is the situation with my setup. I have a 2nd gen Kickr, controlled by a gen 3 stages single side. I download my workout onto Elment Bolt and using the head unit to drive the workout. When exercise indoor, I only pair the Kickr to the Elment (Kickr reading Stages power broadcast in the background).

On the plus side, this setup delivers really consistent power during intervals and I have got consistent power measurement. I used to pair both the powermeter and kickr to the elment and got some truly horrendous results in terms of power fluctuations (even I got same average power, I can get fluctuations up to 30% prescribed power in a threshold workout).

Thanks for the hint, I will try only connecting the Kickr to TR. For the first three rides I had the powermeter connected via ANT+ to my mac and the Kickr too. I can tell though that the power reading in TR is definitely coming from the powermeter.

One thing I noticed that when connecting my Garmin Fenix to the Kickr powermeter, the power was around 10w higher than in TR. They should be the same, since its set on the Kickr to get power via ANT+. Is it possible that its a delay in the protocol used? Garmin to Kickr via BLE and Mac to Kickr via ANT+?

I recently bought a Wahoo Kickr V5. Paired it with my 4iiii precision single sided powermeter through wahoo app (wahoo ant+ powermeter pairing)

Works like a charm, small chainring of in the front made it spot on (36 / 17) the big chainring (52) proved a bit more challenging.

Powersmoothing was off

  • What exactly is “it” in this context?

  • What was more challenging on the big ring?

“It” refers to being on point with power target,

“Challenging” ment : the wahoo fluctuated a little bit more when riding in the big chainring. A little bit more means within zone, but not as spot on as with the small ring.

Spot on = Spot on

This exact enough for you Chad?

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Erg mode

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Sure is, thanks for the update. Makes sense and I appreciate the clarity. Sounds like a great improvement all around. :smiley: