Powermatch compare data

I tried to use powermatch today with a staged left hand power meter and wahoo kicker (2017) with an IPad and it felt much harder than I expected. The power numbers were more erratic and tended to be high vs the goal which I expected because it doesn’t have the wahoo smoothing but it just felt too hard (sweet spot Ebbetts). I know that I should re test to change the power source but I just did a ramp test so I don’t really want to as it would mess up my training schedule a little. Is there a way to see the power output of both to see the difference? This would also give me a better power target for outdoor riding.

I’m sure this has been asked before so sorry for asking the same question but I couldn’t find an answer.


You can do a TrainerRoad workout without power match but with the power meter connected to your normal head unit to record both at the same time. This will give you an idea of what the difference is a different power outputs.

I did something similar with my Stages and Tacx Vortex:

Hope that helps.


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