Powerade worth revisiting after watching podcast 296?

In episode 296 (at the 1h 23min mark) the team mentions drinks based on 1:1 ratio of fructose to maltodextrin appear to be having more and more science backing in terms of performance. Afterwards I spent some time unsuccessfully trying to buy the maltodextrin and fructose powder (amazon canada is pretty bad).

Then I found that Powerade appears to be a blend of both maltodextrin and fructose (link: Sports Drinks and Athletic Performance | SportMedBC ) although I couldn’t find the exact ratio.

A quick glance around the internet seems that people are not very fond of Powerade for cycling. Any reason why? Does anyone have a source for exact breakdown of sugars powerade, and what are your thoughts in general?

Found this on the internet…must be true :wink:

I’ve actually used my son’s GoGo SqueeZ’s in a pinch before :+1:

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Interesting. that chart indicates that its up-to 1:1 ratio, but we don’t know exactly what.

This site seems to indicate its close to 0.7:1 with 8g glucose to 12g fructose:

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Shout out to grapes! I might start having those around. I could happily put away a small handful of those during those breaks between intervals.


I think the vast majority of “normal” beverages, including most juices, soft drinks and mainstream sports drinks are 1:1, since high fructose corn syrup and table sugar are both pretty close to 1:1.

You can imagine how sweet they’d be if you doubled the concentration. That’s one reason why 1:1 is fairly difficult to achieve in a “high end” sports drink with higher caloric density. Much easier to go to 2:1 and just dump in a bunch of non-sweetening maltodextrin.

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You can literally turn any fruit into a delicious 1:1 energy snack by dumping on a big scoop of table sugar (sucrose).

Nothing unhealthy about it as long it’s a calculated amount that you’ll burn it off during your workout.

Every fruit is “in season” with enough sugar…


Not sure the dentists would agree with “nothing unhealthy” but good tip.

“I’ve actually used my son’s GoGo SqueeZ’s”

No need to hide behind your son :wink: I buy them for me, and I’m 52 years old. LOL!

Seriously, they’re not a bad alternative to the often times overly sweet gels. They don’t pack the calories as a gel but pair it with a banana…not a bad combo.

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I’m putting out a review of all endurance beverages and hadn’t found this. You have no idea how much time you just saved me. THANK YOU.

Somewhere between 0.8:1 & 1.2:1 is probably optimal, if I had to make an educated guess based on all available scientific literature.

Handy trick: add sucrose to any mixture and it moves it closer to that range.

Probably because they fail to market to cyclists well. They market primarily to team sport athletes.

Thoughts in general:

More carb ratio and sugar discussion in my activity history if you’re interested. All the ones with carbs or sugar in the thread title.

TLDR = Add table sugar to anything you plan to buy, and it makes it more optimal. Ironic.