Power2Max NGeco install SRAM MTB

I bought a used Power2Max and I believe it is standard spacing. My bike is boost. I took the chainring off and removed the spacer that was installed on the PM. I tried to reinstall my chainring but the bolts are slightly too long and I can’t tighten them. Is there supposed to be some sort of spacer between the PM and the chainring? Anyone have specific experience with the Power2max on a boost mtb?

I assume it’s the sram direct mount (three bolt) version? I’m using a standard spacing 110BCD NGeco with my boost bike, works well with standard 1x chainring bolts and no spacers.

Edit: can you put the spacer on the other side (bolt side) of the PM?

Not on a boost PM. I have 3 of them, never seen a spacer.


I can’t find anything on the website about the difference between boost and standard. It seems that I should just keep that spacer out for boost but then the bolts won’t work.

The make 1x specific bolts and just the spacers. Get the Stainless ones and use grease/anti-seize- as the stiffer steel is better for PM accuracy and the combo is less likely to bond with the Chainring/spider. AL chainring bolts suck. SRAM/Quarq/Trutiv makes the best/cheapest/most avb ones https://www.amazon.com/TruVativ-Steel-Chainring-Bolt-Black/dp/B001GSQO3W/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=chainring+1x+spacer&qid=1621609618&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-3

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Ah, I see what you mean by spacer now. It’s a BCD spacer. Is that 2.5mm? You can email P2M, they are good at responding. I always understood that it’s the spider, but in thinking about it, from a manufacturing POV, it makes perfect sense to add a spacer.

As @jfranci3 mentioned, you need a 1x specific chainring bolt set. The standard chainrings expect a double chainring, so it’s longer.

@jfranci3 Thanks for the link. I assumed that my bolts are 1x (it was setup 1x) but perhaps they are 2x because of the spacer.

Power2Max confirmed that it is standard with the spacer and boost without. No other spacers required. I ordered some shorter bolts so hopefully that is all I need.

Thanks for the help.

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I bought Truvativ chainring bolt kit (4 bolts/11.6915.006.000) for my Garbaruk 42t and NGeco mtb spider. I couldn’t tighten them without spacers. I put the spacers between the spider and the chainring. Not sure of this is recommended. I think the bolts might be bit too short for this combo, but first ride went without issues.

Generally, you put the spacers on the backside, exposed - not sandwiched - for 2x bolts running one ring. They basically are the ring you don’t have. In cases like P2M above, they use them to adjust for boost spacing. You can put them in the middle if you want an altered chainline. You’ll know if you’re using 2x or 1x bolts for the wrong application right away.

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