Power2max NGeco vs Favero Assioma-DCanalyzer

Did a fieldtest on my Faveros and on my new Power2max NGeco…
The Favero is my main PM for indoor (ramptest) and roadbike. P2M is mounted on my mtb as a compliment. So I did a test to check accuracy between the two…
Favero Assioma=purple.

Fell free to do a analyze, according to me it should be all fine. But I’m no expert.

Mostly zone 2 with some efforts to check the power raise

Link to DCanalyzer

I’ve never done this kind of comparison but it looks pretty good to me.

The P2M seems to be 1 time step behind the Favero’s and maybe read 3-5 watts higher. It also seemed to fall to low powers a bit faster than the Favero’s.

On those sprints the P2M was about 30ish watts higher. But at almost 1000 watts that’s not a wild.

Overall, not a difference that I would worry about compensating for in any way.

Thanks for your input @mwglow15. I did one before with my inride2 and the Faveros. After that I always used favero as PM.
So now when I got the p2m I wanted to make sure the power isnt everywhere like between inride and favero.

So I could just use my trainerroad ftp without changing anything… :facepunch:

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That’s definitely a benefit of the power pedals. You can compare the power easily. I can’t do that with my Stages Shimano crank arms on my road bike and my P2M on my MTB. But they feel close enough and I don’t do much if any intervals on my MTB so it’s good enough.

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Is this missing cadence from the pedals? I bet the power differences are related to cadence minimums/sampling/averaging.

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Looks ok. You can fix the time offset in there to line things up better with -6 on the P2M. Try to record with something that’ll export all the data in FIT format. Looks like the TCX stripped some data from the Assioma (cadence).


I’ll agree with the expert @GPLama. To elaborate on his points in case it is useful for you or someone else reading:

  • You can apply the time offset within the Analyzer tool by clicking the “edit” button for one of the data files near the bottom of the page.


  • You named your TCX file “Favero Asssioma Samsung TR.tcx”. I am assuming that may mean you recorded it with your phone using TR app. I thought TR provided FIT files to download from the web? I guess I only see “Download” and I get a FIT file… I’ve also pulled the “original” file that ends up synced over on Garmin Connect (from TR) and it’s a fit file. I guess I don’t know for sure where your file came from, sorry if this is useless :slight_smile:
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Naw it was me unboxing the cadence on the Favero´s cause of getting less information fields… but have fixed it now.

Thanks for the input. I have changed the offset to -1 sec, think its looks better lined up. -6 was to much, have also marked the cadence for Favero, did unbox it cause having less information fields to look at, thought power was the mainfield…
Overall it looks good.

Btw, thank you for all your work.

Thank you for taking the time, i did know about it, but didnt take the time to do it. have changed it now.
Also have marked the cadencebox, so now there is cadence for both PM…

Have a good one

The new link also is with 10sec of powersmoothing,instead of 3sec.

Yep, Looks like the power differences are the Favero smoothing out sudden cadence drops and having a 40rpm(? - specs say 30rpm) floor while P2M has a 25rpm-ish min (spec also say 30rpm).


Looks pretty good to me. Not much to complain about there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for giving the tool a whirl!

Looks great to me. You should see some of mine… comparing bePros to Neo or Powertap hub. Some days they match up really nicely, other days I kinda want to throw the pedals (I think!) in the bin. Have been tempted to get a crank based PM to finally confirm which one (or more) is dodgy…

Both of them are a excellent power meter.
I bought power2max ng eco rather than assioma duo two weeks ago because I don’t want to switch the pedal system from shimano and I only got one bike.

I did a comparison between Neo 1 and power2max.
Here is the link:

Neo was recorded by Garmin 635, Power2max was recored by wahoo bolt. Both of them connected through ant+.

The 1st, 2nd 90s x 5 interval and the last 30mins were erg, while the 3rd set was non-erg,

In short, my Neo read around 2% higher than my power2max in erg, while there was only 1% difference in non erg mode. I’m really happy for the result.

Most of these reported numbers (yours and the OP) do look really good.

Between my wife and I we have 3 PT hubs, 2 Quarqs and a set of Assioma Duos. Most line up roughly similar to your examples (so… good) but One of the PTs seems 5-8% low and one Quarq is a touch high (3%) but given the complexity of doing comparisons I can’t say all of this with absolute certainty :slight_smile:

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