Power weirdness, kickr core to neo 2t

So i just upgraded to a neo 2t from a kickr core. First thing i noticed is that it lets you have some variation in the power band in an interval vs the kickr core that seemingly keeps it bang on. Is this right?

The other thing i noticed is when recording secondary with my fenix connected to the xcadey power meter the power meter is now reading 20w average power higher. So which is wrong the neo, the core or the xcadey?!?!?! Does ANyone have any experience?

Also worth noting i have the xcadey at 105% as per DC Rainmakers recommendations. This matched the kickr core perfects but not the neo.,

The kickr has an “erg mode smoothing” setting that artificially smooths the power lines - sounds like you had that enabled on the core.

I’ve no experience of the xcadey PM though sorry.

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These are the two power data’s a significant difference.

Its very common to have a different power reading between two different power meters. Its the same between my Stages SB20 and Assioma Duo’s. To alleviate this issue I use the TR PowerMatch feature so I get consistent power readings indoors and outdoors.

I assume you can do the same with the xcadey PM?

Not looked into power match.

My main issue and thoughts are that was the kickr now massively (or 10%) overestimating my power…

Welcome to the world of power. Choose one source of truth and stick with it. Preferably the PM you would also use outside and use power match. And yes - retest FTP with chosen device.

So did you ever get chance to compare your old kickr to the PM?

PM and Kickr core were pretty much the same give or take a W or two.

PM snd neo are 6-10% different with PM being higher. No change in PM calibration.